Surrogate Mother Recruitment and Testing

We enlist a group of possible surrogate mothers every month. The process of selection is based on physical fitness, medical and psychological personality. She has to be emotionally stable, responsible in good health, nonsmoker, have had at least one successful pregnancy and able to carry a baby for the full term. Once you contact us as likely intended parents, we will endeavor to find you a suitable match.


Our principles for selecting the surrogate mother:

  • Age must be between 21 to 32 years.
  • Should not contain diseases like sexually transmitted diseases, Hepatitis B & C, HIV and VDRL.
  • Standard hemoglobin electrophoresis screening.
  • Normal basic blood and urine examinations and a normal pelvic sonography.
  • Absence of genetic anomalies.

At the beginning of the surrogate journey-

A medical screening will be implemented by our infertility specialist to find out confirmations of sexually transmitted infections. Illnesses for which you will be screened at the time of process are:

  • Hepatitis B
  • Hepatitis C
  • Herpes
  • Syphilis
  • HIV
  • RH factor
  • HTLV-1

You will also be mark off for certain illnesses/infectious diseases that affect both pregnancy and the unborn baby.

  • HCG: This test will determine how clear the ways of your fallopian tubes are and the extent of the uterus; they need to be in optimal condition for a smooth origin/transplant of the embryo.
  • Mock Cycle: It will find out how your uterine inside layer will react to hormone replacement.
  • Pap smear: It points out how strong your uterus is.
  • Psychological testing:It checks your self-control, your determination, and impulse; it also tests how strong you are emotionally to carry on the surrogacy journey.

Based on these medical tests and Psychological check-ups we will confirm that she is healthy for a safe pregnancy and gives a birth to a well-baby.