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The ultimate goal of cryopreservation is to store the embryo cryogenically & to preserve its capability for upcoming initiation of pregnancy. The cryopreservation is used to help cells to survive both cooling to extreme temperatures and thawing back to physiological conditions.

Embryo vs. Sperm Cryopreservation

A complete cycle of cryopreserving a strain and re-forming it from frozen material includes the same genetic steps whether one uses embryos or sperm. In both circumstances, the making of fertilized embryos is the great step. With embryo cryopreservation, the fertilization step takes place before freezing, while with sperm cryopreservation it is done after thawing. Cryopreservation is generally used as protection against disaster, and re-formation is a somewhat rare event.

Oocyte freezing:Oocyte freezing is completed by the method of vitrification.

Freezing of embryos is also achieved using modern technology in an enclosed system with an internal carrier and external container. This scheme permits an increase in the success rate of fertility treatment using frozen embryos almost to the level of success achieved with fresh embryos. Freezing of eggs is similar to embryo freezing with vitrification.


Cryopreservation embryo

Egg retrieval under ultrasound help and following fertilization & embryo culture are carried out according to our current procedures. If there happens to be a surplus of embryos following selection for fresh transfer then embryos of sufficient quality may be considered for cry storage. While embryos can be frozen at any pre implantation stage between one-cell to the blastocyst stage (5-6 days old), we generally select to cryopreserve only at the blastocyst stage. We usually freeze all embryos the day after egg collection at the one-cell stage.

Sperm freezing

Sperm freezing preserves a man’s sperm cells, to maintain fertility if he is facing treatment that risks of his future fertility. Sperm freezing is a technique for men to back up their sperm & store it for long term for coming usage. Several medicinal handlings with several diseases, can damage sperm quality which is why you may select to freeze your sperm before getting the medical treatment.